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January 1, 2013


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This journal is about adoptable-prices and, when generalized, about art-pricing on deviantART in general.
I know this is bound to raise a debate, but after what I have recently been seeing in the adoptable-community I'm tackling this topic.
If you feel you may be offended by this, then please stop reading here. That being said, I shall try to keep this journal as polite as possible.


First: a little question.

How many of you here have already drawn art for money (or points) or have made adoptables and sold adoptables?
If you have, then congratulations, this message is of importance of you. If you are a buyer of art / adoptables, this message is also of importance.

I've been noticing more and more comments on art of adoptables complaining about the pricing.
Luckily, I seem to not get too many of these (knock on wood), but I still find these types of comments incredibly rude when I come across them.

Mind you, there is a huge difference between:

"I love this adoptable, but unfortunately I lack the funds to buy it."
"This costs that much? You overpriced rip-off! The design isn't even worth that much!!"

The first comment is the polite way of saying you like a design, while still letting the artist know you won't be buying it. The second, however, is plain rude and should not even be posted in the comment-section of a piece of art that somebody is trying to sell. If you want to complain about the price being "outrageous": you have your own journal to do that in. Post it there, but not in the comment-section.

And honestly: how long would you wager a drawing takes an artist?
If you think $2 or 100 points for a design is overpriced, then you obviously must hold this belief that an artist only needs 10 minutes to create an entirely finished drawing, from sketch to finish. Because the minute they work as much as an hour on the drawing, they're only being paid $2 per hour, which is well below minimum wage.

Is art really worth less as a skill than flipping burgers in McDonalds?

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that if you can't afford an adoptable or a commission, then that is indeed not fun for you.
But please don't diminish and demean an artist's art and work simply because you may not be able to afford it.

And I'll get off of my soapbox now. ; u ;
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Ralola Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like how you think.
But lets say someone made this huge beautiful dragon, and a tiny chibi dragon with a good sum of shading on him. What would you deem a fair price for both dragons?
Hey, my apologies for the late reply.

What I would deem a fair price for the dragons is not something I can say without having seen the art, I'm afraid. That being said, if a drawing takes you 5h+ or even more, common sense dictates that you shouldn't be selling it for $1. :confused:
Ralola Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yeah true '3'
I'm just curious on your thoughts^^
SkittleBittle Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist
I love you for this. :) Well, for bringing it to light.

I think people just want as much as they can get for WAY cheap or free. And they think some artists just pull it instantly out of their head an onto digital paper in mere seconds. =w=
They don't realize that they're "buying" a character that's for them to use and do as they please and not have to give credit back to the person who created it(unless the original person wishes them to do so).
...they're just whiners.

If I made as much as *Mirandarin working at McD's, oh yea I'd be happy! XD
I think people just want as much as they can get for WAY cheap or free.
Exactly. Which is a shame, as it devalues the price of art and the art itself in the process. :C

Honestly, I consider myself pretty lenient with my adoptables. Once it's bought, the design is there to change as they see fit. The only thing I ask is that if they repost the original image (the drawing), that they credit me. Other than that: if I've sold it, it's out of my hands. I really don't see the point in "taking back" adopts if someone uses it in a way that I may not like. = n =
SkittleBittle Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist
True. If they could only "think" about the time that person took to make the adoptables as well.
Some are just naturally talented and can get them down with ease. While others take their time to make sure it's right.

Though I do love the whiners who complain to the person about the price that's set to the adoptables. Because probably make their own adopabtles that look sad and jack the price up. =D

I know one is "buying" the character, so the image shouldn't look like Picasso, but some "effort" should be put in to entice a person to want to buy it more. :)
Because I've honestly seen plenty that look like they just scribbled it down and jack the prices up. :no:
Mirandarin Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Just wanted to point out, i work at Mcdonalds and i found it a rather harsh statement XD I earn $20 an hour as just a crew member.

But yes i do agree. I find it so hard to try and sell my HQ adoptables, cause everyone thinks they are so over priced. When they are seriously HQ work. Its ridiculous how under priced adoptables are here.
Hardrockangel-Adopts Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Oh my, I did not mean offence by it. It's just a pretty wide-spread comparison when talking about fair pricing. My apologies. D:

And agreed. I took a look at your adoptables and they definitely look like a lot of effort went into those. It's just a shame that some people even consider 20 points to be overpriced, let alone starting bids of 100 points, which is still ridiculously cheap.
Mirandarin Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
It completely okay. I just cop it a lot from friends and people who assume im nothing cause i work at McDonalds XD Its not like im already trying to find a better job XD

Yeah, ive tried selling adoptables for over a month, having to extend auction dates or repost the same thing multiple times to try and sell. People just dont clip on to them cause they are "so" expensive. But i recently saw an adoptable auction that finished on rough 2000 points, it was only flat coloured sketchy lines. I just don't understand XD
Ink-Jam Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I'm glad someone touched on this! I honestly think that adopts in general should be 20 dollars or less, mainly because you are buying a design! It's a concept more or less, but I also think artists who do this should keep designs open ended. It's not that I dont think artists should get the raw end of the deal, but adopts get tricky since many people use bases and sometimes they're not even their own base. So then its just like..while I understand you picked the colors and drew the clothing...I dont feel as though I should be spending as much on a tiny thing that isn't completely yours as a new pair of shoes.

But thats just me personally, and I know many people feel different about it, and thats okay! I guess for me I can't see why you'd spend 30 dollars on a design that might be nice, but theres nothing unique about it. (However for people to complain that a dollar to two dollars is expensive...that is a bit much.)
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